Monthly Archives: December 2012

GC Board meets to discuss key strategies

Global Caravan's board convened this week to develop key focus and strategy. GC's U.S. members welcomed Dr. Raoul Kouassi, Senior Advisor and Director of Global Caravan in West Africa, to collaborate on details of the implementation of our vision to build schools in impoverished villages in West African countries such as Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana. Visit our media page to see photos from the meeting. 

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Gilberto Rosado

Gilberto Rosado, P.E., LEED AP Board Member, Senior Infrastructure Adviser   Global Caravan welcomes Mr. Gilberto "Gil" Rosado as board member and senior infrastructure adviser. Mr. Rosado has approximately 14 years of Infrastructure Engineering experience including Civil Engineering, Transportation Infrastructure and Institutional Facilities. Mr. Rosado has a particular interest in developing sustainable facilities in Developing Countries

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